Project Aims and Objectives

The aim of the project is to understand how current and future health impacts can be made a priority for strategic decision-makers in the planning and execution of urban developments.


To assess the evidence linking health and wellbeing to the
built environment, and use this in an economic modelling exercise.


To demonstrate to decision-makers the hidden costs to society of poor quality urban development, using a monetary metric
that allows comparison between the total health costs associated with exemplar and standard urban development.


To test what impact the monetary value of health outcomes may have on the actions
of a range of different public and private landowners and developers.


To identify the barriers – and test potential opportunities – faced by these landowners and
developers when attempting to integrate health benefits into their decisions.


To validate this taxonomy of barriers and opportunities through use of expert
advisory groups with experience of delivery domestically and overseas.


To have endorsed the resulting strategy for the integration of health into urban development
planning, with a particular focus on those in control of development.


To disseminate the results nationally and internationally, targeting particularly
those who have most influence over strategic development decisions.

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