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Our City Our Health: is Bristol developing
in a healthy way?

We are working with artists and Bristol-based community organisations to creatively engage the public on issues around healthy urban development. We want to understand: What does healthy urban development mean to them? What is their role in the decision making process? What changes can they make?

The public will be encouraged to take an active role in urban decision making for improved human and planetary health, allowing the public not only to voice their opinion but also to physically shape our city. To engage with different audiences we will be heading to schools, festivals and community groups with our activities – focussing specifically on areas currently excluded from participation, to either discuss one or multiple aspects of urban development and how it impacts on our health. As there are many different learning styles and ways of understanding these issues, we are employing a mixture or digital, sculptural, street and craft art, most of which will be co-designed with the public.

Based on our engagement, and to ensure the legacy of this project, students from UWE Bristol will follow up active citizens from the project to co-create real-world changes to the urban landscape based on their local needs (e.g. bike racks, green roofs). All art work will be donated to community groups, schools or We The Curious.

The public’s opinion will go on to inform the city developers UPSTREAM are interviewing and influence our future research on designing cities for people and planetary health.

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