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Our publications to date:

Ige, J., Pilkington, P., Orme, J., Williams, B., Prestwood, E., Black, D.,Carmichael, L. and Scally, G. (2018) The relationship between buildings and health: a systematic review. Journal of Public Health. Available from:

Black, D., Scally, G., Hunt, A., and Orme, J (2018) We must look further upstream to enable planetary health-literate urban development. The Lancet Planetary Health. Vol 2, No.4, e145-e146, April 2018. Elsevier. URL: (PDF)

Black, D., Scally, G., Orme, J., Hunt, A., Pilkington, P., Lawrence, R., and Ebi, K. (2018) Moving Health Upstream in Urban Development: Reflections on the Operationalisation of a Trans-disciplinary Case Study, Global Challenges, Wiley. URL: (PDF)

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