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Your opinion will inform city developers and future research on designing cities for people and planetary health; so make sure you invest wisely!

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How to navigate Shape our City

Click on the icons to explore how these design features can benefit the cities' health. See the health savings* achieved by spending your budget on this design feature.

Like what you see? Select the scale of investment you want and 'Update Basket’. Notice that when you invest you start to visibly shape our city.

You can see how much budget you have spent and what you have left, in the top bar. Once you have spent your entire budget you will no longer be able to add items to your basket. As you have a limited budget you may have to make trade-offs about what to prioritize. You can remove items from your basket and reallocate your money as you weigh up your options. When you are ready to spend your budget click 'Checkout'.

*Health savings have been looked at holistically – they include healthcare, productivity and wellbeing.

Thank you for playing an active role in shaping our city!

If you want to do more to shape our city, take the healthy city pledge.

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